Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

Happy Thursday!!!

First - I drew winners for the ticket to see "Mom's Night Out" and I just emailed you if you won.  I hope you will all try to go see the movie - I think you will LOVE it!'

Second, Since Graduation is coming up - we are going to do a Graduation Themed SUYL.  It can be anything from graduation party ideas, graduation gifts, or pictures of your graduation.  It will be pretty open but it must be graduation themed!

Third, My friend Shaun Groves sent me this video today and I cried my eyes out.  This is our Compassion child Daniela in El Salvador.  Shaun had a team in ES recently and they filmed this for me.  BEST gift I've had in forever.   I know I say this a lot but if you don't sponsor a child with Compassion - pray about it.  This could be a wonderful Mother's day gift to yourself.

Thank you Kelly! from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Yesterday, Harper's preschool class had  a Mother's Day tea.  It was so cute.  Harper loved it.  She showed me to my seat and served me muffins and punch. 

 She drew this picture of me.  She said I like cleaning and computers (ha!) and watching wedding shows.  

The best gift was later that day Harper's teacher told me how kind and sweet she was and I had to run off before I started sobbing in the hallway.  I'm just so thankful to be her mom.  

I'm so thankful to be the mom of both of these girls.  Today is our stay at home lazy day and it was kind of cloudy and cool this morning so I told them we would go for a drive and maybe find a park.  There is a little "secret" park I knew about that we hadn't been to so we went and played and had the place to ourselves and had the best time.  I'm cherishing these days. 

I'm also thinking of so many of you.  I know it's Mother's day and to so many that's painful.  I know so many of you have lost your mother and it's a painful reminder of how much you miss her.

So many of you have lost a child and it's a day that you just wish you could have them back.

I know so many of you just desperately want to be a mother.  You just want this weekend to be over.  The last thing you want to do is go to church on another Mother's Day and see the baby dedications and witness all the corsages and happy families.  Whether you are single or suffering from infertility - this is just a hard day.  It's a day that reminds you of dreams that you have that haven't happened yet.
You just want to curl up in your bed and eat ice cream and watch Bravo or Lifetime movies.  And maybe you are even mad at God.

I just hope all of you know that you are not forgotten and you DO have friends who are praying for you. Praying for the pain of loss or praying for unfulfilled dreams.  It can seem like no one cares or remembers that you are suffering while the rest of the world is celebrating.

And God hears you and loves you and Jesus sits next to Him praying FOR YOU.  Never forget that.

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