Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer of Fun

Our summer officially began on Thursday.   Our school got out on Wednesday and Harper came home from her trip with my parents on Wednesday.

Our summer is going to be fast and busy and school starts early here so it will over so quick.  I'm excited about this summer because the girls are finally at a really fun stage.  They don't nap anymore and no one is in diapers.  They are easy to take places and it's just a really sweet time.  (Not perfect - I still want to pull my hair out some days but to me it's just soooooooo much easier than the baby/toddler days. )

So I have decided I want to try and make the most of our summer and build memories together so I'm trying to do one fun thing every day.  Not big, fancy fun things.  There will be extra fun things like trips to the beach or to see grandparents or to Silver Dollar city.....but for the most part - it's the simple things that I love the most - catching fireflies, making homemade popsicles, going to parks, trips to the library, playing in a summer storm, staying up late to watch a movie since we don't have school.  Those are the things a childhood should be full of! 

So I'm going to document our Summer of Fun.  I'm sure most of you could give a flip about our summer of fun but I'm going to document it so I will remember.  And so my girls will know one day that I might have been a tough mom but I was a fun mom too. ha! 

Summer Day one : We took Dawson to the Dog Park and for a trail walk. 

Another fun thing on Day one was a sweet lady named Pam sent us a box of costumes her daughter had outgrown.  My girls went crazy!!!  

Summer Day Two: We played in the sprinklers at home with a friend and ate popsicles outside

Summer Day three :  Today we went to the Farmer's Market and the girls got balloons and listened to music and I got us some yummy vegetables.  (This is more of my happy place than theirs - but I think they still had fun.) 

I look forward to thinking of something new and fun for us to try every day.   

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