Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last Days, Strawberries, Splash Park and Remembering

We have had an eventful few days. 

 Friday was Harper's last day of preschool ever.  She has grown so much since her last day last year.  We have had four wonderful years at our preschool.  But we are ready to go to Kindergarten!!! 

Hollis has her last day of Mother's Day out on Wednesday - I know she will look so much bigger too. 

I picked the girls up early from school on Friday and we got lunch and went to pick strawberries.  

If you are local - we went to McGarrah Farm in Pea Ridge.  They have pumpkins in the fall and strawberries in the spring.  This was our first time to go and it was SO fun.  We will maybe go back before the season ends. 

We love strawberries!! It was fun to pick our own.  The girls had a blast. 

My mom got Hollis this strawberry dress back in the winter.  We had to wear it! 

 Child Labor 

 We met some friends there and it was a lot of fun! And we are enjoying the fruits of labor this weekend! 
 Saturday morning I went to the gym and to the grocery store while Scott was entertained by the girls.  
Never a dull moment.  

Yes - we ride bikes in pajamas on Saturdays. Why not? 

I took the girls to the splash park in the afternoon.  We saw a few friends there and Harper ran into one of her very favorite friends - she was THRILLED to death! 

This morning we had church.  These may be my favorite dresses the girls have ever had. 

I'm a sucker for kids in red, white and blue clothes.  It's one of my favorite things.

We met my parents this afternoon and Harper left with them for a 3-4 day trip to Texas.  They are making rounds of all of our family and invited Harper to go.  She was THRILLED TO DEATH! Hollis is so excited to have special time with mommy and daddy! I think it's fun for them to each get alone time! 

Memorial Weekend is great because it kicks off summer but I hope we remember most of all all of those heroes who fought for us so we could have the freedom to go to church and school and splash parks.  I hope we remember all the families who have lost loved ones.  I always think of my grandpas who fought in several wars and how proud I am of them.  We owe everything to all of these brave men and women.  Thank you is never enough.  Every time I see a military person in uniform - I try to thank them.  I usually start crying and feel like an idiot but I just always want them to know my gratitude. 

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