Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Book Club

Today is our next to last week discussing "The Antelope in the Living Room".  I have had fun reading all of your comments and discussion.  This week we are discussing 17 -20.  Sorry today is up late......I swear I didn't even realize today was Wednesday until now.

She talked about Christmas gifts gone bad, Home improvement, Chapter 19 which just made me laugh really hard, and In-Laws.  All fun subjects when it comes to marriage.

Let's discuss the following:

14. In your marriage do you feel that challenges you’ve faced have brought you closer together or caused you to drift apart? How do you work together to meet trials that come up?
I would say challenges we have faced have brought us so much closer.  Infertility and Harper's birth and hearing challenges have made us much closer.  We have faced other things and have learned to lean on each other and God.  We pray a lot over things and seek God's will. 

15. Do you and your husband share any hobbies? What are some common interests you have?
We both love Arkansas football and eating.  And that's about it.  We couldn't be more different in our interests.  We are definitely a case of opposites attract.  
And add to your discussion any questions you might have for Melanie.  She can answer us next week!!! 

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