Sunday, April 06, 2014

An Event-Full Weekend

Well - it's been a weekend full of things around here.  

So I had a little scare.  They called me back last week after my mammogram and said they needed to check something out.  Cue mass hysteria on my end for about 10 minutes.  Then I found out that was common and I never really worried again.  I knew God was in control either way.  So I got to have another mammogram plus ultrasounds.  Turns out I have some kind of benign mass and I get to have a biopsy this week but the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about.  I'm so thankful.
 Friday night we had an event for our women's ministry.  It was great time of food, fellowship and encouragement.  We have had a busy season for our women's ministry but there is almost no where that I would rather serve.   This is for sure where my heart is.

 Laurie and I and our friend Melinda. 

Scott's family came Saturday afternoon to spend the weekend with us.  Scott and I spent the entire day until they got there working in the house and in the yard and last night I felt like I had the flu because I was so sore and tired.  I worked in the nursery this morning and got to hang out with a bunch of cute kids like these two.  Such sweet girls.  

Tonight was very special because Scott was ordained as a deacon.  There were five men being ordained and all the other ordained men came and each laid hands and prayed over them.  I can't tell you what a blessing it is to watch so many men pray for your husband.

We were blessed to have both sets of our parents come to be there for the service.  It was very special to see my dad praying for my husband.  (Even though I know he does daily anyway.)
 Steve is Scott's best friend and they are always joking around constantly.  So I had to capture a moment when they were actually being serious and Steve was praying over Scott.  This picture is special to me because I think of the years Laurie and I prayed for our husbands and God answered that above and beyond to not only have husbands who are friends but ones that actually pray for each other! 

It is an honor to serve the church we love so dearly in this way.  

So thankful for our families. 

What a wonderful weekend - I hope yours was great as well! 

I thought I would add because someone asked below:
In our church, Deacons are leaders in the church.  They greet on Sundays, they head up different things.  But also because our church is so large - obviously the pastor and staff can't check on every family so each deacon is assigned a group of families.  And usually a widow.  It's their job to check on the families, help them with needs, alert the church staff when they do have any kind of crisis (health, death, etc).  1 Timothy 3:8-13 is the Bible passage that give the qualifications for a deacon. 


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