Monday, March 03, 2014

Snow Day # 3849573

I know this may come as a shock - but we are snowed in again.  

womp womp

Winter 2014 is not going to go down as my favorite year ever.  It sleeted most of Sunday and last night turned to snow.  So kids are missing day #13 of school tomorrow.  It's been fun but I'm EXTREMELY ready for spring. 

So who watched the Oscars? I don't get overly excited about the Oscars because I never see any movies anymore.  I pretty much rarely see anything that's not Disney princess related these days.  But I watched last night.  I loved all of these neutral dresses with all the sparkle and ruffle.  If I ever went to the Oscars - this would SO be what I wore.  

And I thought Lupita looked beautiful in this blue dress and had an amazing speech.  

And of course Matthew.  How can you not love his accent? 

Hollis turns 3 in a little over a week.  She LOVES playing with baby dolls so I thought it would be fun to throw her a "baby doll" party.  And how easy? Her little friends are bringing their babies and we are going to decorate "baby bags" and play with our babies and have a picnic lunch with our "babies".  I went to Hobby Lobby and found a bunch of cute stuff in the Baby Shower aisle to use.  Hollis is SOOOOOO excited.  She talks every day about her baby party.  I think it will be a real simple and fun party for her! I can't wait! 

Of course about every 30 minutes she is either inviting or UN-INVITING her sister to the party.  

Life with Girls.

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