Thursday, February 20, 2014

Speaking of..........

Just a reminder that tomorrow's SUYL is on infertility.  If you are struggling with it now or have in the past and want to encourage with your story - I hope you will write a post and join in! 

This has been a crazy week here.  I feel like I'm kind of chasing my own tail and running in a hamster wheel but it's been good! 

Tuesday night I spoke at a mom's event at a local church.  It was a fun event.  If you are local - this is something at Cross Church in Rogers that is usually a lunch event and has free childcare so if you work or stay at home it's less than an hour and a great way to meet other moms.  It's called Mom App.  Next month is about organization so I'm going and sitting on the front row.  (Register online)

They asked me to speak on "Blogging your life and faith".  I really tried to share more about how we all have a calling and we are all to share our faith - no matter how God wants to do that.  It may be through a blog or it may be through you job or sharing your faith with your children (which we all do).  

I had several of my good friends come to support me.  And there were several more there that night that I knew so it was fun to see familiar faces and to meet new ones! 

These are two of my dear friends and mentors.  They have really taken me under their wing this year and encouraged me and discipled me.  I am so thankful for them.  Susan just called me that morning and said "I'm going with you - do you want me to pick you up?"  I hope I'm the same to someone some day. 

Yesterday I went to speak to a group of  Speech students at the U of A.  It was so fun to be in a college classroom.  I loved just watching all the cute college girls.  I wanted to say "Oh enjoy being young and free and cellulite free and smooth skinned".   I talked to them about being the parent of a hearing impaired child and what speech therapy has meant for us.  They all seemed to enjoy hearing that the career they are pursuing really makes a huge difference.  

And in between all of this we have had preschool and AWANA and meetings and just every day life. Tomorrow night we have a women's event at church and then I am going to have to spend Saturday getting my house caught back up.  It's been very neglected this week.  

I pretty much feel like Hollis looks. 

But I'm thankful for everything God puts in my life.  

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