Friday, February 28, 2014

Show Us your Favorite Vacation Spots

Today's SUYL is all about favorite vacation spots! It's almost that time of year when most people head out for a week of rest and relaxation or sight seeing! Since people from all over the world read here (crazy) - I'm hoping we get to hear about all kinds of neat places.

We are a beach family. Scott and I both LOVE the beach. Scott is for sure not a city person and I don't like cold weather so our destination of choice is usually always a beach. I'm going to talk about two of our very favorite places. One is Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL (Redneck Riveria) and the other is Kauai, Hawaii. We have been to both several times.

We love Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. It's just a small town with beautiful beaches and lots of great seafood restaurants. We usually get a condo and spend the day at the beach and then go out to eat. It's a great place for families. Some of our favorite places to eat include Sea and Suds, Louisiana Lagniappe, The Original Oyster House and Tacky Jack's.  and we use Meyer Realty to book condos. 

Our favorite place on earth is Kauai. We have been twice and hope to go again in the future at some point. Scott always asks me when can we go again and I tell him when he thinks Harper and Hollis can handle a 8 hour plane trip. In other words - not for a LONG time!
We have stayed both times on the north side of the island in Princeville. I've been to Oahu, Maui and Kauai and Kauai is just my favorite. It's more rustic and quiet and small. No real chain restaurants or shopping. The beaches are AMAZING!

There is even a mini grand canyon on Kauai that is so neat! I could go on and on about Kauai and how much I love it. I guess if you are going and have questions - you could always email me!

Some of our favorite places were Tidepools, Beach House, Duke's Canoe Club (you have to get hula pie) and Brick Oven Pizza.

We went to Turks and Caicos in November so I thought I would add that in.  We really liked it.  I would say that we don't love the Caribbean as much as we love Hawaii.  We just love kauai so much that not much ever lives up to it for us.  But it was really pretty.

We did eat at some great restaurants.  Our very favorite was Las Brisas.  It was romantic and the food was amazing and so was the service.  Our next favorite was Coco Bistro.  Somewhere Cafe was right next to our hotel so we ate there basically every day at lunch.  They had REALLY good food.  Wonderful guacamole and kind of a tex mex flair.

Okay - time to share your favorite vacation spots!

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