Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is your To Do list taking over your life?

I have always been a WEE bit on the Type A side.  I'm a typical first born.  I have always been task oriented and good at multi tasking.

But having two kids and getting older has made me EXTREMELY unorganized.  And tired.

I have To do lists EVERYWHERE.  One sits in my kitchen.  I wake up in the morning and start editing it and changing what I need to do that day.  I sit down on Sundays and map out things I need to do each day for the coming week. There are days I don't get one thing crossed off my list.

I also keep lists in my calendar, in my Bible, in my purse, in my car and on my phone.

Am I the only one?

And yet I still never manage to feel on top of things.

I wake up early worried about everything I need to do each day.  I have so many household things to do and those are ALWAYS there: laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes, etc.  Then I have church things I'm responsible for.  And blog stuff to do.  And soon there will be school things to keep up with.  I know we are all in the same boat.  Some of you add jobs outside the home or volunteer things or kids activities.  

And I'm wondering if you ever feel like your To Do list is taking over your life? 

Because I do.  

I find myself turning down play dates or lunches with friends because I need to get home and "get some things done".  I find myself staying up WAY too late and losing sleep so I can cross something off my list.  

I find myself telling the girls TOO often "Mommy will play with you in a minute - I need to do "x,y,z" first."

I find myself telling Scott "I will spend time with you tomorrow...... I need to do some stuff tonight" probably way too much. 

The "stuff" is there.  It will always be there.  I can't just quit doing laundry.  I could quit some activities or blogging but those are all things I enjoy.  I just need to figure out ways to manage my time better.  

I waste a lot of time. I will be the first to admit it. 

And sometimes I don't regret wasting time.  Sometimes I "waste" an afternoon spending it outside with my girls instead of being inside finishing tasks but I don't regret that.  And sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV and rest instead of cleaning the bathrooms and there are times I know I just need to do that.  But there are times I just don't use my time wisely. 

How are ways you don't let your To Do list take over your life?

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