Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Growing and Grace

We are having a big week around here.  I registered Hollis for preschool and I registered Harper for Kindergarten!  I just can't believe my baby is going to school.  She can't WAIT!

We had a meeting yesterday with the person who is over students with hearing loss and an audiologist and discussed FM systems briefly.  We plan to try and get Harper one.  I think it will only help her.  She has done so well in preschool and has learned SO much.  {an FM system includes her teaching wearing a small microphone and some kind of small receiver that will be put on Harper's hearing aids so that she will be able to hear her teacher better above any background noise that her hearing aids pick up.  From what I understand. }

We are also looking into adding some additional therapy with a therapist that works for Children's hospital and mainly with hearing loss patients.  Children with hearing loss are often delayed in reading because they need visual cues.  I'm hoping with some extra help, Harper will be right in line with her classmates.

When I registered her, it asked if your child had a disability.  I really struggled with how to answer that.  Clearly she does.  And I'm not in denial.  I'm not ashamed or sad about it.  I just didn't want to label her starting out.  We believe she is just like any other child and want her to believe that.  But we also want to take every chance for help that can be provided to give her opportunities to excel.

She is so bright and funny.  She is going to love school and they will love her.  I just know it!

Today we had Bible Study, a women's council meeting and then an afternoon at therapy so I treated the girls to Crumpet Tea room for lunch.  It's my favorite and I haven't been in forever.  Doesn't Harper look thrilled?  She was having a tough day.  Nothing was going right from the minute she got up.  I lost my patience quickly this morning and then I started realizing that as females - we all have rough days, don't we?  I need to give her a little grace.  She is usually always such a happy little girl.  I had to let a grumpy, awful day go and realize I whine and cry a lot too sometimes.  I'm thankful for a God who gives me grace.  The least I can do is try to love my children like He loves me! {At least Hollis was having a great day!}

PS Be ready with your soup recipes - our first SUYL of 2014 will be SOUP recipes - an ode to all the cold weather this year!!! I can't wait. 

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