Friday, February 14, 2014

Got a Valentine? How about GIVE a Valentine!

Scroll down below to find a SUYL with a zillion amazing SOUP recipes!!!

But I have something else exciting to post for Valentines! 

So this is my friend Lisa-Jo who I adore.  Lisa is a writer and a blogger and she also works for Dayspring and (in)courage.  She is from South Africa.

And she has dreamed up something big for this Valentines.  

She writes about motherhood a lot.  And so do I.  And most of you either write it or live it.  Because no matter where we live, mothers are all (basically) the same.  We love our children.  We do laundry. We cook.  We clean.   But some do it with WAY more resources than others.

What if 1 blog community could build 1 South African community a safe place for sustainable food, child care, economic empowerment, job skills trainings, a gathering place for church, classrooms for HIV/Aids education, and a playground for their kids?

What if love was more than a date on the calendar this year? 

What if we fell in love with the world next door?

The goal is to raise $150,000 to fund the entire project between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – because love is more than a date on the calendar, and it never leaves anyone outAnd Mother's Day is a 365 days a year adventure, always worth celebrating.
Phase 1: Community Vegetable Garden 
Phase 2: Community Kitchen and Welcome Center 

Phase 3: Community Outreach Hall

Phase 4: 12 Classrooms

Phase 5: Playground

Because there’s a whole community of women who are raising more kids than just their own and still have all the same hopes, dreams and fears that we do.

And there’s a whole community of kids who would tell you that there is nothing ordinary about being a mom. Especially when you don’t have one.

So go HERE and read more about how we can help mothers and orphans who probably aren't getting donuts and balloons for Valentines.  I'm thankful we are and I'm thankful we can turn around and help others! 

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