Wednesday, January 08, 2014



We had another snow storm on Sunday morning so we have been home since then.  Harper asked if Elsa caused this.

If you have children under 12 (or maybe older) - your house may look like mine.  Constant Frozen dress up and I'm so tired of the Frozen music.  It was so great at first but I've heard "Let it Go" one too many times. :-) 

It was too cold to actually play in the snow - I just opened the door and took one picture out in it. We have mostly been at home in our pajamas.  Or princess dresses.

Monday there was a lot of this.  

And I looked about the same. 

Three weeks of constant togetherness can wear on you.  Even the most loving and sweet families. :-) 

We did a ton of art projects and yesterday had a picnic lunch and watched My Little Pony movies.

I tried to keep them busy but I have to admit by yesterday I was like "Watch all the TV you want kids."  

Or I put out all their puzzles and said "call me when they are all done".  

We really did enjoy being snowed in but I let out a little "Praise the Lord" when they went back to preschool today.  And it wasn't just me.  They were both up at 6 today and so excited to go see their teachers and friends.  

Poor Dawson lost control of his back legs last night/ this morning.  I have been a nervous wreck.  I took him to the vet and it's just a bad arthritic flare up (we hope).  I'm trying to get him to take meds and hoping he gets back to normal.  It's so sad when our animals are hurting.

We are supposed to get more snow today/tonight.  Whooo Hoo. (or not).

Hope you are staying warm!

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