Friday, January 10, 2014

Calling all the Singles.....

My girls love to sing and they wanted me to film the other night so I thought you might enjoy seeing how Hollis loves to enunciate her words and how you can sing about Jesus and hit your sister at the same time.    "Oh How I need You" is something I need to sing after being snowed in so much this summer with fighting, stir crazy preschoolers. ha!


I wanted to tell you that Show Us Your Life will resume in February and I will have a list of topics up soon! (and if you want to give any suggestions......please do!!! I'm always open!! I want it to be things you will want to participate with!)

AND .......

I want you to get ready and tell your single friends/cousins/sisters/brothers that Singles Day will be January the 24th!!!!!

In case you don't know what that is........This is something I started 3.5 years ago where people come together on a certain day and post about themselves or a friend or family member who is single.  And then if you are single - you can go through the posts and if there is someone who sounds can contact them and possibly meet.

It sounds CRAZY, right?

But there are NINE COUPLES who have met and are either engaged or married. (I had Christmas cards from most of them on my tree this year.  How much does that make me smile!)

I think maybe it's possible we will have a GOLDEN COUPLE #10??? What do you think?

Four of the couples have even already started their families!!!!

Hey - there  are crazier ways to meet your spouse.  Who knows what God has planned?

SO ....... 1/24/14  - mark it in your calendar, spread the word and get ready to mingle with the Singles!!!! 

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