Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow and Santa

Well - we are on DAY SIX of being snowed in and school just got cancelled again for tomorrow.  Send help! 

We have actually had a pretty good time.  I have tried to break out a few art projects.  We water colored snow one day.  The girls loved it.  But we reached a breaking point today.  The girls are SO stir crazy and this momma is beyond nuts.

We have worn nothing but pajamas for the last 6 days.  Today we got dressed.  We got these cute shirts from a blog friend Ashley this week! LOVE them!!!

I have a few brave friends who will drive in this weather.  My sweet friend Jessica has offered twice this week to pick me up and take me out of the house and my friend Jenn offered to bring her girls over today and let us have a play date. We were THRILLED! I cooked us lunch and it was so fun to have someone to visit with.   It was just the lift I needed!

Scott knew we were going nuts so he got us out of the house tonight to see Santa at the mall and eat!

 This is how our mall looked tonight.  The roads are still terrible.  I'm too chicken to drive anywhere. 

So our Santa pic went awesome!!!! 

ha ha ha ha 

I love this picture! 

 The best part of all this is that Hollis had been so excited ALL DAY to see Santa. Up until the minute we walked up to his chair, she was telling me what she would say to him and thrilled to death.

Don't call me a bad mom - but I can't help but love the crying pictures.

And the Stamps girls have made some awesome ones over the years.  Harper at 2. 

 No one was crying in this picture but I think you can tell they were NOT thrilled. 
 Last year was almost identical to this year.  Harper happens to love Santa.  She told me later "I wasn't shy - I told him what I wanted." 

In case you are wondering - Harper wants a bow and arrow (like "Brave") and a walkie Talkie. (Apparently she's a 10 year old boy).  And Hollis wants a baby and make-up.  She usually says she wants a REAL baby.  She told me I could get one at Wal-Mart. 

I have a feeling this might be our last crying Santa picture.  

And I'm a little sad about that.  

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