Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lordy Lordy Looks Who's Forty

I have to admit - turning 40 has been pretty great! It's been one of my best birthdays ever and I just feel so overwhelmed and blessed with family and friends.  And just thankful I have been blessed with another year.  

I pretty much have celebrated for the last week starting with my surprise party LAST Sunday!  Friday Laurie and the girls came over for our annual friends gifts exchange.  Laurie and I have exchanged gifts since college but now we just include our girls.  It's so fun.

A friend sent me the most beautiful cake and we enjoyed it all weekend! 

I wanted to celebrate my birthday Saturday with a Family Fun Day! It was a horrible day - freezing and raining but we had a great time.  We went to lunch and had chips and salsa of course!

 Then we hit the movies.  We saw "Frozen" again.  I couldn't resist.  And of course Scott is always thrilled to see a princess musical! :-) 

To round out our family fun day - we went bowling!  I'm so terrible but I love it! 

Today is my actual birthday and I couldn't think of anyway I'd rather spend my 40th birthday than going to church with my family and being with my church family and worshiping Christ's birth! 

My mom did a post for my birthday and I had to laugh at this picture.  Clearly Hollis and I have pitiful bangs in common.  And moms that like to cut them. ha! 

We went to lunch with Laurie, Steve and the girls and then Scott kept the girls and I had a little day out.  I just did a little window shopping.  I went to Target and didn't buy one thing.  It's a Christmas miracle.  I just enjoyed walking around and looking.  And then I met some friends to watch "Saving Mr. Banks".  It was SOOOOOO good!

And now........

Here are the winners for my birthday give away! If you won - you will get an email from me! Thanks to everyone for entering!!

Sonic card - Jenna DeRosse
"A little salty to cut the sweet" - Sherri S.
"Sparkly Green Earrings" - Amy Brown
The pioneer women cookbook - Kasey Herbers
Naked Pallet 2 - Maura Seitz
Riffraff GC - Abbie S.

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