Thursday, December 19, 2013

Angels, Cards and Calendars

Harper had her preschool Christmas play yesterday.  It is so precious - they act out the Christmas story.  Harper was an angel.  She did so good. 

And bless her heart for having a crazy mom.  I got us to school on time yesterday all dressed and ready to go and looked back and realized we forgot to put her hearing aids in.  So I ran home and grabbed the aids and told her we would put them in when we got to school.  We were now late and the program was starting in a few minutes so I rushed the girls in and went in for the program and then they had a little party.  I left and as I was driving away looked down and realized there were her hearing aids sitting in my cup holder in my car.  I never put them in.  Bless her heart.  She can hear some without them but I know it wasn't the same.  

Sweet little angel
 Harper and her best friend at school since they were in the one year old class.  This is their fourth year being in the same class.  

Y'all KNOW I love Christmas cards and I wish I could send one to everyone I've ever known or who reads here but since I can't .........pretend this is in your mailbox. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!!

And if you are looking for a really neat calendar you can put on your desk or in your kitchen - I have a sweet friend who went to OBU who makes this GORGEOUS cards with scriptures on them that you can display in so many ways.  Put them in a frame or clip to a board or hang them all on a clothes line - the ideas are endless.  I LOVE these!!!!!! And they are a great price!

Check these out at   
They would make an awesome gift.  Or for yourself! 

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