Sunday, December 15, 2013

All Skate.......All Skate

Several months ago I had said to a few people that I really wanted to have my 40th birthday at the roller skating rink.  I mean it's just kitchy and young and fun.  But then I decided my birthday was too close to Christmas and it was so busy and no one would probably come and decided I would ring this birthday in in a quiet way. 

Laurie, Scott and my friend Hillary got together and threw me a surprise party today.  At the roller rink.  (And Hillary couldn't be here so I missed her so much!)

And I was SO surprised!
(my actual birthday is next Sunday)

They originally had it 80's themed and told everyone to dress 80's but then our day got so crazy because our church Christmas program got moved to today because of snow so no one could really dress up.  But I love the cake!!!

And it was red velvet.  Of course! 

I was so surprised!!!! SO SURPRISED!!!!

My friend Susan got me here.  She and I are working on a project and she had told me we had a meeting today with someone about it and last minute had to go to the skating rink because he was there with his kids.  I totally just went along with that.   Susan is one of the few people who could pull off tricking me like this. 

There are about to be 352 pictures on here so feel free to skip on.  But it was just the best day!!! With the best friends.  And I've had so many friends text me or tell me they were sad they couldn't be there.  At this time of year - it's a wonder two people could come.  
These are 4 of my sweetest friends - Laurie, Tracy, Christi and Aimee.  I teach preschool choir with them and just adore them. 

One of the biggest surprises of all is that my two OBU roommates and BEST friends drove all the way up from Little Rock to be here.  I still can't believe they did that.  I was THRILLED to see them.  We have been together through the last 3 decades.  I love them SO much! 

It's just a little hard to believe we have gone from 18 to 40 so quickly. 

Caroline and her momma Robin.  Robin has become one of my great friends at church.  We are on women's council together and I love her.  She is always SO joyful.  She and Caroline both.  (I know so many of you miss Caroline blogging - but I will just say she is so happy and enjoying her married life and maybe one day she will blog again!)

 Sweet Lenette, Danielle, Elizabeth, Robin, Caroline, and Jennifer.

Elizabeth is Due TODAY with her baby girl!!! TODAY! I was terrified she was going to go into labor right there at the skating rink.  Although wouldn't that be the most memorable birthday ever? 
Amanda is my friend that helps me laugh at myself.  And I love that about her.  

These three women.  
I can't say enough.

One day in a few months - I will blog more about them.  We are in a disciple group right now (along with Laurie) and we have spent Fridays together for the last several months.  I can't tell you how much wisdom and spiritual truth they have poured into my life.  I love and admire them so much. I was SO glad they were apart of my day today. 

Sweet Marci.  Her little boy and Hollis are in the same class and they are smitten with each other.  Marci is one of the most giving and serving people I have ever met. 
 I have known Kim forever and she is one of my favorite people.  
  Terry or "Honey" as her grand kids call her.  She is hilarious and sweet! Her daughter Sharon is one of my friends also and she couldn't come today but I adore them both! 

 My friend Bethany.  She came and took pictures!  I am so thankful for her! 

And I was SUPER surprised my mom was here!!! And it worked out so she could come to church with us tonight and see Harper sing in church and spend the night! 
And we really did roller skate!!!! It was SOOOO fun!!! I want to have a girls night and skate some time soon!  I was so thrilled my friend Jennifer came to the party! She's one of my favorite people! 

Ashley and Danielle are the sweetest.  

And they got in the spirit and dressed 80's and were ADORABLE! 

More of my favorite friends - Robin, Caryn and Vonda.

Robin made the cookies for my party.  That was SOOOO nice.  She has retired from cookie making so I am so honored she made me some! 

My friend Kacy (in the yellow and blue) - I think Bethany took the picture of us together so I didn't have one for this post but she is one of my favorite people of all times.  I can always count on her to make me laugh. 
 My sister friend Laurie.  I am so thankful for her.  I feel so so so blessed to have her.  I'm so overwhelmed that she threw me this party! 

I've been a little sad about turning 40.  FORTY just sounds so OLD!!!! It also feels like my life is just flying by so fast! But in all reality - I'm so thankful for every day I have been given.  And if the next half of my life is even half as amazing as the first half has been - I can't wait!  How can you mind turning 40 when your life is so full with a family who loves you and so many wonderful friends?

After all - a 40 year old is more fun that two 20 year olds. 

As Harper would say "Awwww.......what a Wonderful day!"

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