Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Smelly Cat Smelly Cat

I'm usually one of the last people to decorate for Christmas every year.  And I usually roll my eyes at all the people who decorate before Thanksgiving.  

But ........Thanksgiving is late this year and it's been bitter cold all week and I'm just ready! I am not skipping Thanksgiving - I am so excited for this week.  But I'm just super excited about the next month with my girls and I wanted to get a jump start.  (And I have to confess I've been listening to Christmas music.  But it just makes me so happy.  I mean how can you hear Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" and not dance around.  My girls keep begging me to stop. ha!)

So my house is decorated.  And I can't resist Christmas pajamas so we got them out tonight. 

But who am I kidding - we will wear Christmas pajamas until it's not cold .......like March.  And if they still fit in October we will wear them then again.  

I had to run to Hobby Lobby today and I told the girls they could each get an ornament for the trees in  their rooms.  They each have a small tree.  

And this is what Harper picked.  I tried to talk her into a cute pink cupcake.  Or a princess castle. 

No she wanted THIS cat.  

I even tried to talk her into a "cuter" cat ornament. (if there is such a thing).

No she wanted the creepiest, ugliest cat ornament ever made. And she LOVES it.  She has been thrilled to death with it.  Bless her. 

{Hollis picked a cute pink castle which she INSISTED on carrying through the store herself and promptly broke it before we could even check out.  So it's hanging broken on her tree. }

I also wanted to share that my friend Angie Smith has a new book coming out.  Angie is one of my favorite people on earth but she is also one of the most amazing writers I've ever known.  And I'm not just saying that because I love her.  She truly has a gift.   This new book "Chasing God" is going to be something you will want to read.  And the exciting news is if you pre-order right now (before Dec 1st) - you will get a free copy of one of her last two books! Such a great deal if you don't have them. Check this out for the details:  http://angiesmithonline.com/2013/11/chasing-god/

Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Hanukkah/Merry Christmas!

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