Sunday, November 03, 2013

Locked up Abroad

I am beyond thankful that this is my view this week!  It's been a few years since Scott and I had hardly any alone time and this is just what I had hoped for.  We have a good marriage but when you are raising little kids - it can get a little crazy and sometimes it's good to get back to having fun and remembering why you fell in love in the first place.

And it's kind of nice to just lay on a chair by the ocean and read a BOOK! In peace! And sleep ALL night! And take a shower and get ready without little people attached to me.  But I have to admit - as much as I am loving relaxing.......I miss our girls so much.  They don't miss us. They are with their grandparents and having the time of their lives! We face timed both girls and neither one really wanted to talk to us.  ha! 
 We are food people.  We like good meals on vacation and we like to take pictures of it all.  It's so nice to have several date nights in a row and just be able to linger at the table with the ocean in the background and talk.  Or not talk.  
Of course - life with me is never boring.  

I lost my passport.  I'm 99% sure I left it in the taxi that brought us to our hotel. 

The one time I can get great sleep AND an extra hour of sleep and I didn't sleep 5 minutes last night because I googled what I needed to do and it seemed it involved me flying to the Bahamas to an American embassy on a flight that would cost $1000 and making our stay longer.  I was a nervous wreck. 

Thankfully - we spent our morning at the airport and the police station and I have an emergency, temporary way to get home.  Hallelujah! 

Oh and a shark also swam about 2 inches away from me on our first day at the beach.

So here's to hoping I make it back to Arkansas in a couple of days.

Or you are all welcome to come visit me in the Caribbean.  

Bring your appetites. 

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