Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Some things

I spoke at Greenwood MOPS today.  It was fun and a great group of moms! Chrissy, the blonde in the front center, had me speak at her church last year and I have gotten to meet her a few times.  She is SO sweet! 

I took my girls with me and my friend Sharon, used to be (as her girls called her) the "Boss of MOPS" at Greenwood until they moved up to NWA so she rode down with me so she could see her friends.  Her youngest daughter went with us and my girls had so much fun with her.  We got to eat lunch with her friends afterwards. It was fun having Sharon ride with me and visit all the way there and back! 
My good friend Jenn is a young mom of two little girls and is fighting breast cancer right now.  She has such a great attitude.  This is breast cancer awareness month and I want to share her blog with you because she is writing all about her cancer experience and I know a lot of you can connect with this.  I'm going to go sit with her at chemo tomorrow.  She's so strong and such an inspiration to me! 

My friend Courtney is having a really fun blog link up tomorrow!!!! You will want to join in! I will be participating and I'd love for you to! 
Go to her blog HERE and read more details! 

PS You can participate through Instagram or Twitter or Facebook even if you don't have a blog! Use hashtag #onebigtruth

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