Monday, October 14, 2013

iTunes? Looney Tunes? Tiger Tunes!

I had the BEST weekend! My girls were out of school on Friday and today so we had a four day weekend.  My college homecoming was also this weekend and every year they have a big event called Tiger Tunes that they put on and it raises scholarship money.  I was asked to judge this year and I was THRILLED! So I loaded up the girls and took them to my in-laws for the weekend and then drove over to Arkadelphia on Saturday. 

Tiger Tunes is hard to explain but basically a lot of campus clubs pick a theme and you wear costumes and do a little song and dance show that matches the theme.  You change popular songs to fit your theme.  It sounds a little hokey but it's a HUGE deal that OBU has been doing for 35 years.  I know a lot of schools like Baylor have something similar.  This is a picture of my sorority when we won 20 years ago this year! I don't know why I'm the only one without my ball cap on.  Probably because I didn't want it messing up my hair. :-)

Scott didn't go to OBU so he kept making fun of the whole thing and calling it iTunes or Looney Tunes.  I didn't even try to make him go with me.  He can go one day when Harper and Hollis are in Tiger tunes.

I got to meet up with some of my best college friends for the day! If you go to OBU - you will understand that this foursome made up half of a Tiger Traks team 20 years ago! It was POURING during the game and then the sun came out and we were ROASTING.  So at this point we all were pretty gross but we still had a great time hanging out! Kandi and her husband Lance are some of my favorite people and Chris was my best guy friend in college. He's now a professor of business at OBU so we got a good tour of campus from him!

Kandi was my college roommate.  It's so hard to believe it was 22 years ago that we moved in to OBU together. And now we both have two girls.  A part of me felt like we were still those 18 year old girls and a part of me felt REALLY old being on campus! 

 Kandi's precious family! 
 Basically all of OBU is completely different than when we were there. Everything is so fancy and nice now but we went in the library and Kandi and I both said "it smells EXACTLY the same!" It looked exactly the same - even had the micro fiche machines! I sat at this table all four years and "studied"! Otherwise known as people watched. ha!
It's fun for me to be at OBU because we have a lot of local girls from our church who are at OBU and I loved getting to see them and their parents and the connection we share! Sweet Aaryn was the director of the winning EEE show and she was our babysitter last summer! I was so proud of her! 
This is beautiful Leah!!! She is from my church and I just ADORE her! I had her in my house for a DNOW when she was in 10th grade and now she is a college senior! Her mom sent me this picture of her right after they won! (They were sheep).  Her mom is Harper's preschool teacher.  They are such a Godly family - I'm so blessed to know them! And my friend Chris is Leah's Bible Study leader which is such a small world! 

Meanwhile - the girls had SO much fun with their grandparents.  We came home this morning and they were crying and saying "We don't want to leave Gigi and Pap-pa. We don't want to live with you - we want to live with them."  Pleasant.  We had a great time visiting them.  And I think Scott was a little sad being a bachelor at home. You would think he would enjoy the quiet but I think he missed our noise! 

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