Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fire in the Hole

 Harper had her first preschool field trip today.  They went to the Fire Station.  I went with them and it was so much fun!

It made me so happy that all of the fire trucks have Razorbacks on the back! :-) 
 The kids got to walk through a truck! 
Harper's sweet class. 
{I obviously had to "glow" out their school t-shirts}

I would love if you would pray for me.  Next Tuesday night I am speaking in Wichita, KS at this church at a women's dinner.  There are over 350 women signed up to come. I have never been so nervous in my life.  I'm speaking on Salvation.  There is nothing I'm more passionate about so I'm excited but I just want to say what God wants me to say.  If you live near Wichita - you should join us. You could probably call the church to get a ticket? 

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