Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Embrace the Different

I will be the first to admit, I spend most of my time surrounded by "sameness".  The majority of the people I am with day to day are very similar to me.  I don't think that's necessarily bad or good - it's just what it is.

Last week I spent a few days with a group of women who could not more different from each other and from me.  They were different culturally, in stages of life, backgrounds, in theology, in beliefs, in passions and in style among other things.  And at times I was very overwhelmed but overall I loved the differences.  I learned from them. I listened a LOT.  There was one point that I was with a small group and we were to list our similarities and our differences.  Literally the only thing we could find common ground on was that we were all women.

I feel like it's hard to stretch, to grow if you never walk out of your comfort zone and learn from people who aren't like you.  I can't show empathy or love or friendship if I can't learn where someone else is coming from.

And it makes me wonder..................

I'd love to know the "differences" represented here.  I'd love to know where you are coming from.

If you would be brave can do it totally anonymous .....Make up a fake email if you want....... would you leave the following info.  Maybe you feel all alone and you will read someone here that is similar to you.  Or maybe you will open your eyes and see how the world is made up of a tapestry of diversity but at the core we are all a people in need of hope and love.

I'd love to know:

What state or country you are from
Your age
Your stage of life (college, single, married with no kids, married with toddlers, empty nesters.....)
Your theology (be honest ...... it can be atheist, none, Hindu, Christian, Jewish............or you can get more specific with beliefs or  denomination)

and last

What is your biggest fear
What is your biggest desire
What is your biggest struggle

So mine would say (as example)

Arkansas, 39, married with preschoolers, Evangelical Christian (& Southern Baptist), My biggest fear is losing my family or me leaving them too soon, my biggest desire is to share Christ, and my biggest struggle is ANXIETY and worry.  

Will you play along????

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