Sunday, September 15, 2013

Corndogs, Soccer Games, Friends and Miss America

So lately............

Wednesday was red day at school.  Which to us means razorbacks! 

Harper also started AWANA Wednesday night and she was obsessed. She said "This was SO awesome".  

I admitted to friends I have never given my children hot dogs or corn dogs so we tried it out this week.  They are clearly my children - HATED THEM. 
(I know they are unhealthy - you don't have to tell me)

Our town was having an election so we went and the girls went with me to vote.  They LOVED getting the stickers to wear. 
 Saturday Harper had her first soccer game.  She also had team pictures.  I blurred out her team because I don't know any of them and they might not want to be on the world wide web.  But I'm proud her coaches were repping the razorbacks! 
 Scott is a little worried Harper has inherited my athletic ability.  

This is not a good thing.  

But I think she had fun! 

Little sister just wanted snacks. 
It was our turn to have snacks and when I handed them out - Harper the Hostess said to every kid "Oh I hope you will love your snack."  It was so cute. 

My friend Jenn is going through breast cancer and I just HATE IT.  She needed a day of rest Saturday so her girls came to play all day.  We had so much fun.  My girls LOVE having friends over. 
Today Sarah Kate came over for a little while to play. 
When each girl left - Harper gave them her FAVORITE toys to borrow. This was all her idea. I thought it was so precious.  She said "I want you to take my toy. You will love it".  I love her kind heart. 

In case you missed it - tonight was Miss America.  I have ALWAYS loved the pageant but twitter takes it to a whole new level.  It's just SO much fun.  It was like watching with hundreds of my good friends!  The commentary was EPIC!
I just wish Miss Arkansas would have won!

Hope your weekend was great!

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