Sunday, September 22, 2013

A day in Branson

We have had such a great weekend.  Fall is here and our weather has finally started reflecting that and it's hard not to be happy, happy, happy!!!

Friday night we went to a 40th birthday surprise party for our friend David.  His wife had it at my favorite BBQ restaurant so it was fun and YUMMY!  
I posted this picture on Instagram and I just said we went to a surprise party and everyone thought it was MY birthday and was wishing me happy 40th! (I still have 3 months!!!!!) 

I meant to get on here earlier this week and warn y'all that there was a possible sign Jesus might be returning this weekend.  Scott HATES Branson but he suggested we go to Silver Dollar City on Saturday (on a day full of football).  I was so excited! 
They had it all decorated for fall and it was a GORGEOUS day! It was just perfect! 

We took Harper once when she was about 18 months and too small to do anything on the hottest day in August and we lasted an hour - so this was really the first time our family has gone and we had a blast! 

Hollis was my ride partner.  I think I was more scared of rides than she was.  
I'm talking kiddie rides. 

I HATE rides.  

It's been so hot lately but we started our day in sweaters.  That's the sign of a great day! 

We stayed for most of the day and then we left and headed to Cantina Laredo, my absolute favorite restaurant, for dinner.  
 Oh shrimp enchiladas and guacamole - you are the perfect end to a great day.  

We had a great day today at church and lunch with friends and ended it with a church wide fellowship to welcome our new minister of music.  I love me some church fellowships!!! 

Hope your weekend was amazing too! 

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