Friday, September 06, 2013

A couple of quick BUT IMPORTANT things

If you scroll down to the next post - you will find all kinds of delicious TAILGATE recipes to guide you through this football season.

I have two important announcements I wanted to post.  These are mostly important if you live in the great state of AR but if you don't - it might interest you anyway.

Also - you could always move to Arkansas.

I'm just saying.

On September 26 in Little Rock from noon - 1 on the Capitol steps there will be a time of Prayer for Saeed Abedini.

If you don't know who he is - On September 26, 2012, Saeed Abedini, a pastor and U.S. 

citizen, was incarcerated in the worst prison in Iran simply because of his faith. 

Since then, he has been tortured and his health is deteriorating. Come pray with us 

for his release. FREE SAEED!

Here is more info:

If you don't live in AR - there may be a gathering near you or will you simply just pray for Saeed wherever you are.


If you live in NWA - you have a great chance to be apart of a cancer research study that could be live changing.  I HATE CANCER and I plan to do this in honor of my friends Xander and Janet and Jenn.

We are seeking to enroll 500 in Northwest Arkansas in the Cancer Prevention Study 3 during the week of Sept 17-20.   This is our chance to give a gift to the next generation; a gift of answers – to possibly provide for our children and their children a world that is truly cancer free.  But, to get there, we need people now to enroll and be part of a long term study.
What’s involved?  Registering for an appointment, filling out a survey online before you arrive, coming to an enrollment site (1 location in – Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville) and giving a small blood sample and answering a survey every 2 years or so over the next 20 years.  Any one age 30-65 who has never had cancer is eligible to enroll.  No money, not much personal time, and the opportunity to save millions of lives.
The first study in this series was done in the 1950s and linked cancer and smoking –just 50 years ago (like our parents age!) we didn’t know how unhealthy a smoking habit could be and we didn’t know how deadly that choice could be. Now, we know better so we do better.
Getting involved is easy.  You go to and pick a date and time to register.  Fill out the survey that comes in the mail, show up to your appointment and then wait for that survey.  
A great video to make it a little more clear can be found on here.
Enrollment website is

If you live here and hate cancer as much as me - join in and maybe we can help find a cure!!!!! 

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