Saturday, August 24, 2013


We have had such a fun and very busy weekend.  

Unfortunately - it's been overlaid by a lot of sadness.  My dear friend Rachel's nephew, Xander, who I have mentioned several times died of cancer Thursday night.  He was 11 and has been fighting cancer since he was 2.  His family has unbelievable faith but it's still so hard for any parent to lose a child.  I've been so sad for my friend and her family.  

Friday the girls had preschool and then we were off to get fall hair cuts.  Hollis got a good shape up and I couldn't resist a cute bob on Harper.  There is nothing sweeter to me than a little girl in a bob.

We ran home and ate dinner and then we were off to the Soccer kick off.  We just got to meet our coaches and team and pick up our uniform.  So excited our color is pink! :-) Harper had to try it on right on the field.  (Don't worry - we won't wear dresses or bows in actual games or practices! )

After that - the fun wasn't over! Harper went for her first sleepover! Laurie sent me this picture. I don't think the girls could have been any more excited! She had a GREAT time! 

 I went over to Laurie's this morning early and picked up she and Harper and we met our friend Kristin for breakfast at the good old Cracker Barrel.  Kristin lives in south AR and was up here for the weekend. We haven't seen her in forever.  We just adore Kristin.  She is beautiful and funny and extremely sweet and a Godly girl and she is also SINGLE!!!!!!!!!! I need to find her a man! Know anyone really great?  She's actually super content but some amazing guy is going to find a hidden treasure when they find Kristin!

This afternoon we headed to a 5th birthday party for our sweet friend Madeline.  It was at Build A Bear.  It was such a fun party.  Harper and Sarah Kate both had to have cats. Of course. 

And because Laurie and her bunch couldn't get enough of us this weekend - we headed to dinner tonight.  This was all the men's idea - they wanted steak. 

We went to our favorite - Doe's.  It was the first time for our girls to visit the Big Steak Mecca.  Laurie hates Doe's.  But what you need to know about Laurie is she is super weird about food.  She won't eat salads, sandwiches or ice cream that isn't "gritty".   She said in heaven it says you will have the finest of meats and in her mind - that means "Western Sizzlin" - which she thinks has the best steaks. 

How are we friends? 

These are my people.  I love them.

We have church tomorrow and then I plan to do a lot of nothing tomorrow afternoon. 

Hope your weekend was great! 

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