Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Highs and Lows of Growing up

My girls are getting bigger.  That means a lot of things are getting so much easier and more fun!   I feel like I am able to do a lot more these days.  I'm able to even get things done sometimes now when they are awake because they will actually play together and I don't have to constantly watch over them like when they were toddlers worrying they will put something in their mouths or get into something they shouldn't.  

It also means we are starting to have a lot more fun as a family.  Last night we took the girls to the movie and out to eat.  That was impossible six months ago but it was fun last night.  The girls sat and watched the movie.  Hollis got restless towards the end - but hey - so did I.  

Eating out is fun again.  We still have moments where I wish we would have just stayed home but we are finally doing things I have have looked so forward to.  I love being with my family.  

The only sad thing about them growing up are the little things I will miss about them being little.  I never would imagine in the middle of things - but I DO miss newborn days.  I miss having a little baby (not enough to have another one! Don't get crazy!) 

Today was Hollis' last day in the church nursery.  Next Sunday she will promote up to 2 year old Sunday School.  I'm excited for her but I almost started bawling at church today because for the last 4.5 years I have had one of my girls in either the baby nursery or Mrs. Gail's room.  Mrs. Gail has been teaching the 1-2 year old room for probably 25 years.  The kids LOVE her.  Every night Hollis always requests about 10 songs before she goes to sleep and lately she wants me to sing "Deep and Wide" and after I do she smiles so sweet and says "Mrs. Gail sings that me".  
{and after 4.5 years and working in there all the time - I JUST found out Mrs. Gail is an OBU grad. So funny - what a small world}

I feel like it's an end of an era.  And in 3 more years - I won't have anyone in preschool anymore.  And I will mourn again.  But at the same time - I look forward to my girls being older and all the fun we will have together.  

That seems to be the bittersweet part of being a mom.  

Today was also my last day teaching 3/4 yr old Sunday School.  I have loved being with Harper and her sweet friends but I'm looking forward to taking a year off and going back with adults.  I'm teaching preschool AWANA and choir so I will still get my fill of those little faces!
I thought it would be fun to take a class picture of each girls' Sunday School class each year and when they are Seniors - we can look back at hopefully the same friends and see how they have changed and grown!  Harper has a class full of sweet kids.

At the first of the year - we would drop off Harper in Children's Church and she would want to sit by herself and wouldn't want us to leave.  I had to smile today as she jumped over to sit by her friend Kinley and they immediately starting giggling.  In Sunday School I would hear her say to her friends "sit by me" and it made my heart so happy.  I even overheard a little boy asking about her hearing aids and she explained it to him so matter of fact (just like we have practiced).  I took a little sigh of relief.  She's growing and she's going to do just fine!

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