Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Build Em Up - Calling All Women's Groups

One of the things I love most on my blog is connecting y'all to each other! It's a big world but it can be made small through the old internet. And that's awesome!

I hear from a lot of you that you are looking for good friends.  Let's face it - as adults - finding good friends can be worse than dating.

So WE (Courtney, Erin and Jennifer and I) thought it would be fun if you had a special women's group you are apart of (A Bible Study group, Junior League, a service league, MOPS group or just a great group who get together to watch the Bachelor on Mondays (ha)) - if you are open to some new friends - share about your group and then be sure and put your area in the description when you link up.  And for everyone else reading - maybe you will find some bloggers in your area who you could get involved with!!!

I will say for me - y'all know I live in NWA.
I know there are at least 3 MOPS groups here (one in Rogers, Bentonville and Springdale.)  I went to one for a year and have spoken at all of them and they are all GREAT groups. And the one in Bentonville is at night so working moms - this is great for you!

If you are looking for maybe a group of women to join in Bible Study - most of the larger churches in the area have Bible Studies both during the day and at night.

I know there is NWA Junior League that is a great group of women to get involved with!

I hope maybe some friendships will be made!!!

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