Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer of Fun

At the beginning of the summer I made out a big list of things I thought we could do this summer to have fun and keep busy.  

And here we are - only 5 weeks until school starts and we have barely done any of them.  We have had fun - we have been to Dallas and had VBS and visits from grandparents.  But between speech therapy a few times a week and cooler than usual weather - we just haven't done a lot of what I thought we would do.  

So we have this week and next week free and I'm trying to pack as much FUN in as I can! 

Monday we went over to play at our friend Joseph's house.  We had SO much fun. 

Monday night we got a visit from our grandparents, aunt, uncle and baby cousin.  We were so glad to see them! 

Yesterday we finally made it to the $2 kid movies.  Harper loves going to the "dark movie" (as she calls it) but Hollis has never been able to do it.  She went and did SO great yesterday! I'm so glad we can try movies now! Especially when they are the $2 kind! :-) 

Last night we had our VERY FIRST sleepover with Laurie's girls.  We have been planning this for a while.  We had a blast! We made jewelry, played in the sprinkles, took bubble baths, watched a movie and ate popcorn, and even slept! If my girls are anything like me - they will have thousands of sleepovers from now until college.  I still like a good sleepover with friends! :-)  

We have several things planned for next week too.  I can't believe how fast summer has flown by.  
I'm not quite ready for it to end yet. 

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