Saturday, July 20, 2013

Please pray

I seriously HATE cancer.


I would imagine most of us have been affected by it.  I have four people I know personally that I would love for you to pray for.  And I would imagine a LOT of you have people you would love to have prayed for - please comment if you do so we can pray collectively.

1.  I know I have mentioned her many times - but my precious friend and a Godly mentor to me - Janet has been fighting ovarian cancer for about a year and a half.  I would covet your continued prayers for her.

2. One of my dearest friends, Rachel - her nephew has fought cancer since he was 2.  He is now 11 and has taken a turn for the very worse.  His name is Xander and I would love for you to pray for him and his family.  They are probably one of the most faithful families I have ever known.

3.  There is a family in my area that I have met a few times - they are friends with a lot of my friends. They have 3 little boys and one of their boys, Trevor who is 3 was taken to ACH yesterday and they did an MRI today and found he has a mass/cyst the size of an apple on his brain.  He will be having surgery to remove it on Monday.  Please pray that it's successful and that it's benign.  Please lift up his parents - you can imagine how scared they must be.

4. And one of my good friends, Jenn, is someone who I've gotten to know well over the last year after she joined my Sunday School class and Bible Study.  Her girls and mine go to preschool together and I have loved getting to know her. She was diagnosed last week with breast cancer and had surgery to remove it yesterday.  She will find out Monday what the cancer was and what treatment she will need. Please pray it is as minor as possible.

{And on a side note. One of the most precious times I have ever experienced is the night before her surgery about 14 of the girls from my Sunday School class met at Jenn's house to pray over her. And twice recently I've met up with a big group from church to circle the outside of Janet's house to hold hands and pray for her. I am so thankful to have the neatest group of friends who I can laugh with and meet for play dates with but more importantly who I can pray with and when tragedy strikes - we jump into action and make meals and keep each other's kids and pray like crazy.  This is why I am always harping on y'all to PLEASE find a church home.  Church doesn't save you.  Church is not what makes you a Christian. Churches aren't perfect.  But having a church family (not just going on Sundays and sitting in a pew - but really getting involved in a church and serving) - is the best thing you can do.  When something bad happens in your life (and it will) - it's the greatest blessing to have a Sunday School class or cell group or life group who will pray over you and serve you and it's also a blessing to get to do that for others.  I can't say enough how vital I think it is to be active in a church. (and I know you can also get support from your non-church friends and that's awesome - but I think there is nothing like a group of friends that share your faith.)} {End of my soap box}

Thank you for praying for these who are on my heart every minute of every day lately.

Can we pray for someone you know?

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