Sunday, July 28, 2013

I have the hardest time thinking of titles for my posts - "Weekend"

Scott's parents came to visit this weekend.  They got here Thursday at lunch time - just in time to eat at our favorite Amish restaurant.  

Friday Scott took a half day and came home and he and his dad cooked us a fish fry.  They had planned a fishing trip for Friday but we are having the CRAZIEST summer - it was raining and in the low 70's all day Friday so they went on Saturday instead.  We had bought fish instead of caught fish. ;-)
Laurie and the girls went out of town so Steve came and ate with us.
 Saturday the guys spent the day at the lake fishing.  They rented a boat and it was a perfect day! 
 So we girls went to the square for the farmer's market.  It was such a lovely day - 70 degree weather in late July is just unheard of! I was soaking it up! 

We went to my favorite lunch spot - Crumpet Tea Room and even ate outside it was so nice. 

My dad has been in Nicaragua on a mission trip and flew in late last night so my mom came and spent the afternoon and evening with us before picking him up from the airport and driving home so he could preach this morning.  
 The girls before church today. 

 Today was a special day at church.  Back in the early 90's - right when I got out of college - this was one of my favorite Christian CD's.  And today our church voted to call Clay Crosse as our new worship pastor.  It's an exciting time for our church! 

 And this is MICRO small - but pray for this little monkey.  Friday morning my MIL found a pretty big lump on Hollis' neck behind her ear.  I was just hysterical - of course my mind always goes to the worst.  Luckily my doctor's office had a cancellation and was able to get us in immediately.  He thinks it's some kind of micro bacteria infection (not staph).  I'm hoping it will respond to meds she is on or it might possibly have to be cut out.  She is also going to have an ultrasound this week to 100% rule out it being anything else.
There is absolutely nothing worse than as a mother being worried about your child's health.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about mothers all over who are dealing with SERIOUS issues and how only God must be able to sustain them. I know a tiny fraction of how it feels to have your stomach bottom out.
Hollis will be fine but  I think sometimes in this season when I feel weary of a job that seems never ending - how extremely grateful I am for my girls and how blessed I am to be their mother.  They are such a priceless gift. I know we all feel that way as moms.

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