Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swimming and Lists

This has nothing to do with my post other than it's cute. ha! 
My girls are SOOOOO girly and love all things pink and dress up and princess but they have so much fun when we go to a boy's house or anywhere that there are boy toys.  They love playing with cars and swords and all things boy.  I guess this Christmas we need to get a few of those. 

 We started swim lessons today.  We are taking with our sweet friends Kinley and Kamryn.  
 Harper was so excited!!! She has been wanting to swim for a while but the idea of taking both girls to a pool scares me. 
 Harper did so good! She went under several times (on purpose) and just loved it! 

Hollis wouldn't go NEAR the water.  She sat on the side and put her toes in and that's it.  I got her in a few times but she had the death grip on me.  We will try again tomorrow. 
The sweetest part of the day is when we left - Harper and Kinley hugged each other and then just started holding hands to the parking lot.  And then the little sisters wanted in and they all 4 held hands to our cars.  SO precious to me.  I'm praying my girls always have sweet friends like these girls. 

I had to show this.  I was pulling out swim suits the other night to see what Harper could wear and what fit Hollis.  I'm not against bikinis but they just don't flatter the figures of any girl in this house.  But I LOVE LOVE this little swim suit.  Hollis HATED it.  She kept trying to pull it down over her belly and was so upset that her belly was showing.

Good girl Hollis. Let's keep that trend going when you are 16.  :-) 
{Modest is Hottest}

And I had to share this.  Scott loves all things techie.  I'm practically like Laura Ingalls.  I promise you - if I hadn't met him - I would still be using dial up internet, a film camera and a flip phone.  I am also SUPER resistant to change. EVER.
And I love the old fashioned way of carring a paper list into the store and scratching off items with a pen.  So Scott has tried and tried to get me to use an electronic list.  I finally gave in but I HATED it at first and swore I was never going to use it.

We use Wunderlist.  It's on both of our phones and updates on both so we can both add things to the list as we think of them.

And I LOVE it.  I had to admit to Scott that he was right.
For once. :-)

But I can not and will not give in to an electronic calendar.  I just love having a big paper one to write in.
At least for now.

What about you? Paper or electronic?

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