Saturday, May 18, 2013


We have had a busy and great day!  We went to Mimi's for breakfast this morning.  I am thankful we have started branching out and trying to go out to eat some with the girls.  It's still not easy but we are getting there.  Our breakfast was SO good.

They had an fundraiser expo at our outside mall this morning.  They had all kinds of booths and pony rides and games for kids.  We had a great time.  Of course pony rides are the very favorite!

 They had some baby goats there that were born yesterday.  And some adorable baby pigs.  Hollis was mesmerized. 
 Mickey and Minnie were there.  We thought Harper would be THRILLED to have her picture made with them - she was so upset - she cried and cried and wouldn't go near them.  And Hollis just wanted me to hold her.

Clearly - we are not going to Disney anytime soon.

The girls didn't want to go home. But it was SOOOOO hot and humid today.  We were all dying.  We went home and took showers and the girls had a great nap.

 Laurie and Steve invited us over for dinner tonight to celebrate Steve's birthday.  Emily and Sarah Kate just got a new kitten named Frisco.  My girls were thrilled to meet her.

 We always have fun spending time at their house. 
I also love going to their house because they always cook really good food that I would normally not make.  They make a lot of seafood which is something I never venture in to.  Laurie made "Frogmore Stew" which is really like a low country boil.  I LOVE it.  

We also had cupcakes from Bliss.  Oh my red velvet was heavenly.

 We are so thankful for friends who are really family.
If you know me - you know I'm TERRIFIED of cats and have a STRONG dislike for them. But I even had to admit this kitten was kind of cute and I actually held it! I think this was one of the only times I've ever held a cat. 
Somehow we ended up watching Lawrence Welk and the girls had a dance party.  We kept laughing and wondering when we turned 70.  It was actually really fun.  We may have dinner and Lawrence nights more often. :-)

Tomorrow is Senior Day at church.  We honor the graduating seniors and our church makes it such a special day.  They show videos of all the kids and youth speak and sing.  It's a day that always reminds me to treasure my kids every minute because they grow so fast.  It's also a day we talk about with our young kids .......... because we know we will be there one day.  We are always saying "save that picture for Senior Sunday". ha! It's a day I always look forward to and a day I'm sure in 14 years I will dread to see coming.

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