Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Big Salad

So here is the most random post of all times.

I have become addicted to making a "big salad" nearly every day for myself.  (and when I hear big Salad - it makes me think of Elaine on Seinfeld.) (And if you don't get that reference or never watched Seinfeld - I just don't know what to think about you.)

Anyway - I keep trying to come up with new and fun things to put in my salad. I usually grill some steak or chicken to put in there and then just anything else we have on hand.  My favorites right now include:

Avocados (because I would eat avocados on anything in any way)
Black Olives
these amazing Parmesan almonds that I found in the salad section - I'm dying over them.
Egg whites (I know - eggs make me gag but for whatever reason I like boiled eggs - just the whites)

Now - here is the question - what do you like in your salad? I'm trying to think of new things to try. I wanted bean sprouts so badly but couldn't find any.

My other favorite thing I haven't done lately is pickled okra. (Come to momma pickled okra).

I will try whatever you suggest (well maybe whatever. Let's see what you say).

And just another random note on salads:
My BFF Laurie would rather be shot than have to eat a salad. Somehow we are still friends. She also hates sandwiches with a passion and I'm like Joey on "Friends" - I'm in love with sandwiches.

And there is some Salad place in the mall at North Park in Dallas and I had the best salad of my life there at Christmas - with GRILLED avocado. I wish I lived next door to there. 

And because our parents don't care anything about salads - they just want to see the girls - here we are the other night NOT eating salads. I was eating my love language of enchiladas and chips and salsa. I would seriously eat Mexican food every meal but I would weigh 1000 pounds.

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