Thursday, May 16, 2013

Share and prayer

We have had a busy morning for this rainy Thursday.

I have FINALLY learned the amazing art of getting ready at the gym. What a concept! :-) This is like the best gift! So now I don't have to go around all day in my sweaty gym clothes because I can't find time to get ready.  We went to the gym and I worked out and got ready. 

I feel the need to say "HALLELUJAH" here! It's so life changing! 

My parents and a bunch of their couple friends came to town today to tour our museum and see the Norman Rockwell display.  They were eating lunch on the square so we ran up and met them just to say hi! No one was happy about that. ha!

We met some of our friends at Chick fil a for lunch.  This was the girls' table and us moms had our own table.   I have to admit - I get a little tired of CFA - but it's the one place I can eat lunch with my friends and not be stressed out.

I have a few prayer requests from readers.  I know y'all probably have many more - please fill free to leave in comments so we can all pray:

** Please pray for Peyton.  He is a little boy who has been suffering with cancer and they just got devastating news. Pray for this family. You can read more here:

** From Meg :
"I have two extremely close friends of mine heading to Thailand in the next few weeks for a very dangerous missions trip.  One young man, Chaz will go ahead of the other and lead a church group to help in rural villages.  After that group leaves, my friend Eric will join him and they will begin an extremely dangerous journey to take the Gospel into hostile territory.  

Please pray that God uses them in a powerful way, and that he prepares the hearts of those they will be serving.  Pray he gives them the words and lessons to teach, as well as knowledge and wisdom to serve His name with honor.  Pray for physical strength.  Please also pray that God would provide the rest of the funding.  These men have stepped out in faith months ago and agreed to the mission.  However, they just found out this week about added expenses.
Please also pray for those they are leaving behind, that we can steward their responsibilities here well, and support them in round the clock prayer.   I can tell you it will be the longest 5+ weeks of my life, as well as many of their other friends.  There is a very real and present danger, but at the same time, these men truly live to serve the Lord and exemplify it all their actions.  

*** Pray for the family of Chelsey.  She recently passed away from colon cancer and left behind a 5 year old daughter.  

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