Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Harper and Hollis

Today is our last day of MDO and preschool for the year.  It's a happy/sad day.  We are excited for no alarm clocks or lunches to be packed and to be home together but it's a day I realize just how fast time is going.  Harper only has one more year and she will start school.  I remember during the tough baby days when she cried all the time I would think "If I can just survive until she goes to school".  That seemed centuries away and yet we are almost there. 

And I've almost survived. ha! 

 The dress Hollis wore today I had planned for her to wear on the first day of school and it SWALLOWED her up so I had to change.  She has grown SO much.  She was just a BABY when she started - I would carry her in and now she runs up the stairs to get to school. She has LOVED MDO. She had the sweetest teacher, Mrs. Stephanie, who has just loved on her and on the days she doesn't go to class - we always have to go by and "see Mrs. Stephanie".  She has loved all the sweet kids in her class and talks about them all the time (Hudson, Eden, Lucy, Josheph........).  Hollis has always been my child that never cried when you dropped her off - she has always been happy to go to church or school.

I'm dying over these pictures a little because Harper looks 12 in the after picture.  Her pants just DRAGGED the ground (and I had the waist rolled up) in the fall picture and today they fit just perfect. She has gone from a toddler to a little girl over night.  She hated preschool at first because it wasn't all play anymore - there was structure. But after she got used to it - she loved it.
She had the BEST teachers - Mrs. Robyn and Mrs. Pam - that I could have dreamed of for her. They loved her so much and were so kind to her and taught her so much.  She learned so many things (that I have tried to teach her and yet she picked it up a lot better from them)(ha).  I could just cry thinking about how blessed we were with the perfect teachers who helped her so much!
And this was the first year she really talked about the kids in her class and formed friendships.  Her best girl friends were Anella, Sosi, and Emma. And she loved so many of the boys. (And talked about kissing them and marrying them a little TOO much as far as her daddy is concerned).

I couldn't resist a picture of this face.

Hollis makes me laugh more than anyone in the world. She's a quiet reserved little girl but with me she is hilarious.  She just has a funny personality.  She LOVES to draw and color.  She loves people.  She wants to do everything her sister is doing and sometimes life is just so unfair that she can't do everything 4 yr olds are doing.  Her new thing she says to me all the time is "I love you SO much!" which just makes my heart melt.  If I ever get dressed with make-up on (not often) - she will look at me and say "Oh - you are so pretty".  ha! 
She is OBSESSED with washing her hands. If I ever can't find her - she is in her bathroom washing her hands.  She also likes to clean. 
She LOVES to read books. She has a favorite Bible Story book that she calls her "Joseph" book.  There are all these pictures of Jesus but she will argue with me until she is blue in the face "that's not Jesus - it's JOSEPH".  um, okay. 

Something that is so funny to me is that Harper, even when she was young and couldn't hear, has always been able to carry the perfect tune.  She can sing any song and sing it exact. The words may not always be right but the tune always is.  But Hollis did not get the music gene.  She's going to have other talents.  She is VERY smart. I think she may be my analytical one and Harper is the creative one. 

Hollis also likes to constantly tell us she loves us.  If we are in the car - she will go around saying "mommy I love you" "daddy I love you" "Harper I love you" in a circle about 10 times. 

And she's finally sleeping through the night almost every night since the paci went away! 


Harper gets sweeter every day.  She's doing so much independently. It's a little hard for me to let go.

She is constantly telling me that I am "beautiful and gorgeous".  I'm trying to soak this in before she turns 10 and is embarrassed by her old mom.

The minute we get home from anywhere she runs in her room and puts on a crown and ballet slippers and any other accessory she might need. She will wear them all day and sometimes if she gets up in the night - she will come to our room wearing a crown (or spiderman mask). She is so funny.

She is just so fun to take places.  Everything is "cool" to her right now.  I'm excited for this summer just to do some fun things with her.  She loves to ride her bicycle and play with the neighbor kids.  She is just always so happy.

She LOVES to talk on the phone with her grandmothers.

Scott took this picture the other night and it's my very favorite picture ever.  These girls fight all day like the DICKENS.........but they also love each other fiercely.  I know they will probably never love anyone as much as they love each other and I love watching their friendship grow.

I will never get over how thankful I am to be their mom.

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