Sunday, May 05, 2013

Gigi's House

My girls LOVE their grandparents.  Harper asks me every day approx 2365 times when we can go to either Gigi's house or Nonny's house.  So Thursday we headed to south AR to visit Scott's parents.  And good timing too. It SNOWED here on Friday and Saturday.  Yes - it SNOWED in ARKANSAS in MAY.  I know that's not a big deal in the north - but that is HISTORIC here.

We had a great visit. Can you tell how happy Harper is? 

Also why does she look 10? 

We helped cooked dinner 

We found out we kind of like fried chicken legs 
 We played outside (even if it was a little cool - it's usually HOT by now)
 We got a lot of love from our grandparents 
 We got to play with our cousin Ashlyn
 Played a LOT of piano
 Went to the nursing home to visit our Great Uncle Joe 
And had too much cake and ice cream.

Also - I had the BEST chicken tacos of all times at the Flying Burger in Magnolia.  Magnolia has some of the best food. I always gain approx 5 lbs every time I'm down there. 

I have to tell you a funny story.  Harper is such a sweet, kind hearted little girl. (There was a time when she was two when she went through a hitting phase and I came home from play group crying because I didn't know how I had raised a mean girl after she hit every child there but it was SHORT lived thank goodness).  Anyway - we ran to Wal-Mart while we were there and we dropped Gigi off at the door to run in and get one thing.  While she was getting out - Hollis started screaming and crying.  She said "Harper bit me".  I pulled the car over in the parking lot and sure enough she had big teeth marks on her hand.  I got on to Harper and was just so shocked that she would do that. I asked her "what in the world she was thinking?" and was probably a little tough.  She's so tender hearted that if she gets in trouble her little lip just quivers and she was sobbing and sobbing. When we got home - I told her daddy and he asked her why in the world she would bite Hollis. 

She said "Because Hollis told me to".

I said "Hollis - did you ask Harper to bite you?"

She said "YES!" with the biggest mischievous gleam in her eye and smile that you have ever seen.

I had some apologizing to do to Harper.  And a lot of laughing to do inside. 

Sometimes you need the FULL story.  :-) 

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