Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sickness and Dr. Seuss

Have y'all had a good weekend? 

It's been a little doom and gloom here.  We have had a lot of rain and sickness. But it was kind of good to hibernate for a few days. 

Last week Hollis had the stomach bug so we stayed at home all week.  Scott took Harper on a daddy/daughter date to church Wednesday night because they had Team Impact there.  They are a group of "strong men" who do neat feats of strength and then share the gospel.  Harper LOVED it!

Every since we went to the dentist - Harper and Hollis have a new favorite game. They love to lay on the weight bench in our garage and play dentist. They are so funny. They take turns being the patient and then before they leave they get a new toothbrush. ha!

We thought we were all better yesterday and it was a warm morning so we took a family walk on the museum trail in town.  It was a little exciting to think - Harrison Ford and Drew Barrymore had both been in town and visited the museum the day before. Our little town. So funny!

Unfortunately - by the time we got home - sickness struck Harper and she ran to her room and slept for a few hours on her own. You know she was sick.  The rest of the day was spent in our pj's taking care of the sick. Hollis was so sweet - she wanted to be right by her sister's side. She was so worried about her.

Harper is better but still a little sick so Scott stayed home with her today and I took Hollis to church.

This afternoon our friend Crew had his first birthday party.  I took Hollis since Harper was sick.  I was so glad to see some of my favorite friends.  I don't see these girls enough in the business of life.  I wish we got together more often.  (Melissa, Jennifer, Julee, Ashley and me)

Jennifer and Jillian.  Two of my favorites! 

Melissa threw the cutest party.  Every detail was perfect.  She has the cutest boys - Crew and Grayson.

 How cute are the cake and cookies????? Oh my!!!
 I was SOOOOO happy to see Julee and Preslee.  She came to town this weekend. 
She is doing good but please keep praying for her.  I wish she lived closer so we could see each other more. 
 Sweet birthday boy

Me and my girl.

I'm hoping we can have a more normal week this week.  We have to stay healthy.  A certain little girl in my house turns TWO this week!!!!

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