Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrating Hollis

I love birthdays!!! And I always want my girls to feel special on their birthdays.  To me that doesn't mean a ton of presents or extravagant things - I just like to have fun as a family and for me to tell them how much they are loved! 

I think Hollis felt very loved on her birthday.  We started by heading to Krispy Kreme and picking up donuts (in our pajamas).  My girls LOVE donuts and we don't get them very often so it's a BIG treat when we do.  And birthday girl immediately insisted on wearing her crown again as soon as she got up yesterday morning! 

I'm thinking Harper was digging the donuts too! 

When I went to Ikea a few weeks ago - I found the perfect gift for Hollis - an easel! My girls don't play with toys much so I hate wasting the money but they LOVE to draw! And they both LOVED it! (the mismatched pj's are just an added bonus to this picture!) 

 We finally got out of our pj's and headed out to lunch.  
 Where else would we go but our favorite Chick-fil-a for a little lunch and play? 

The girls took a nap and I ran to church and went to the wedding of our pastor's daughter.  She is a beautiful girl and I'm so glad she met a wonderful guy.  She is also a fellow OBU/Tri chi alum.  The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! This is the only picture I took. ha! I was waiting for Laurie in the parking lot and was checking my hair. (Don't laugh - you do it too.) I didn't go to the reception because I wanted to be home when Hollis got up from her nap. 
(I was afraid I had a little "Tierra eyebrow" going on in this picture) 

We were blessed with a gorgeous spring day so the girls took their car out for a spin.  We played outside for a while and then had dinner.  It was a really sweet day that I hope I can always remember.  Next weekend we will celebrate with a party with our families and a couple of friends. 

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