Monday, February 11, 2013

Sister Love

Both of my girls (and Scott) have little colds today.  Harper was feeling yucky so I kept her home from school and we just had an at home day.  Thankfully they both seem to be much better tonight.  I think we just needed a "home" day. 

We sat and watched a movie for a little bit.  Well I think the 2 minutes it took to take this picture were the only 2 minutes Hollis was still. She can't sit long enough to watch TV.  Even though they were sick- they still were fighting like cats and dogs all day. 



There are days I don't know if I can handle the fighting one more minute. Do you know what I'm talking about? 

But they love each other with the same ferocity that they fight with.  Hollis wanted to lay on Harper and I told her "I don't think Harper wants you laying on her" and Harper says "Well - of course I do" and grabbed Hollis and started petting her little head. And then Hollis says "I love you Harper".  

I can deal with a few screaming matches if we can have a few more moments like that. 

I took this yesterday.  Harper likes to perform for us. She will play her guitar and sing or dance for us and then she always demands we clap for her. ha! 
She's totally the next Kari Jobe.  I just know it.  

I tried out a few recipes today.  I made this roasted corn and avocado dip and it was SO good. Of course I've never seen an avocado that I didn't love.  It's like guacamole with a surprise of roasted corn thrown in.  It was SO good.  I also made a Crunchy Pecan Chicken that was ...... interesting.

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