Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Never burn a bridge

I know I have told this story a little bit before but I just think this is neat and it went a little further this past weekend.  

When I was young - we moved a lot. I went to 6-8 schools in my elementary years.  My dad was in retail and then later was called into ministry and then when I was 11 - we went to his first church in the town he has now been in for 28 years. 

When I was in the 2nd - part of 4th grade we lived in Benton, AR.  And I have always kept this picture around for some reason of my two best friends in the 3rd grade.  I honestly didn't even remember their names.  We moved after this year and I never saw them again.  (on a side note - whoa I need my bangs cut. ha! )

Fast forward about 26 years and I was delivering Harper and my regular doctor wasn't there so I had a different doctor and I was talking to her about where she was from and we discovered we had both lived in Benton and were the same age.  A few months later I pulled out this picture and realized the little girl on the right of me just happened to be that doctor! I sent her this picture and we made the connection.

I shared that story on my blog at the time and I think it was Jennifer Francis who grew up in Benton who pointed out that the little girl on the left was a girl named Aamie.  We connected over Facebook.
And this weekend we got to meet for the first time in 30 years at Dot Mom.  And God is even working maybe a neat story there that I can't share yet.  Isn't that crazy? She is a pastor's wife and an amazing person.  I love that I had two friends that I loved as a 8/9 year old girl and 30 years later I can meet them again and discover what amazing people they have become.

I also recently found my two best friends from 5th/6th grade who I went to church with in Texas this year on facebook.  It was so neat connecting with them. Say what you want about social media - but I happen to love it.

If nothing else - this has reminded me of two very important truths:

1. Never burn bridges.  You never know later in life who you might cross paths with again.  I'm so glad I wasn't a mean girl to Dr. Emily. ha!

2. Something I pray about every day are the friends that my girls will have.  Relationships for girls are so important - even at an early age.  We moved  so much I can't remember my teachers or our houses or much from my childhood - but I can tell you starting at age 4 who my best friends were. And they changed a lot since we moved a lot.  But they were important to me.  So much that I always treasured that picture of 3 little 8 year old girls. So thankful to know if we would have grown up together - they would have been good friends for me to have had.  God has always surrounded me with amazing friends and I want the same for my girls. I know my parents probably prayed for me to have good friends.  My friends have had a major role in all the decisions I have made throughout my life and luckily they were almost always pointing me to good choices.
I think it is SO important to be involved with your children at a young age in guiding them on making friends.

Have you ever made a connection on facebook or other social media to something from your past or childhood?

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