Sunday, February 03, 2013

Let's get a hug

We have had a fun weekend.  Scott went on the last hunting trip for a while on Thursday and was gone all weekend.  If you take note - he has been on SEVERAL hunting trips this fall and winter.  Which I'm okay with.  But he is about to get his turn because I have a WHOLE bunch of women's events and girl weekends coming up this month! :-)  Not that I'm keeping score or just the slightest bit excited to have a few getaways! 

Friday night we had our friend Brandon over to play.  I tried to offer to keep kids for a few couples in our Sunday School class so they could have dates but I didn't get any takers???? You would think people would jump on free babysitting but either they were afraid to let me keep their children or thought I had lost my mind to offer. ha! I figured we were home not doing anything - what's a few more kids? So we did get one friend and my girls had the best time.  This was the first time we have had a boy over to play and my girls loved it.  Brandon and Harper are BIG buddies. But maybe they are a little too tight.
Harper put on her favorite wedding veil to wear and B said "Are we getting married? I think we are getting married?" and Harper said "Yes - let's hold hands and get a little hug and a little kiss." I was dying. I had to call Scott and tell him we are in trouble and maybe to double up on shotguns.  (She also kept asking him for " a little kiss" and luckily he ran from her.  We had to have a talk about playing hard to get. ha!)

These girls are something else. They light up my life. 

I feel like Harper is growing so fast. 

Saturday she went to her very first "drop off " birthday party.  It was at one of my friends' houses and it was just a few little girls so she told us to just drop our girls off. Normally I would have tried to stay but since I had Hollis and Scott was gone - I decided it was for the best if I left.  

Look how adorable the party set up was 
Hollis and I ran to Old Navy.  We never go there but she immediately was enamored with the mannequins.  What is the deal with those mannequins??? Kids are obsessed with them. She pet the dog for about 15 minutes.

Here is Harper at the same age with her "friend".  She used to be CRAZY about them.  Still would be if I took her there. 
Laurie and her girls were at the same party so we decided to go eat cheap Mexican afterwards since we were single ladies this weekend.  TERRIBLE DECISION.  The food was good - my girls were not.  I told Laurie she can tell people she ate out with me and the girls the last time we went out before 2016.  Our girls sure do love each other. It's the biggest blessing to me. 

(Which PS - please pray for Laurie's mom.  She is having a biopsy on Monday to determine whether she might possibly have cancer.  We are praying it's not. Her name is Mary).  

Hollis slept approximately one hour last night. I don't know what was wrong but it was a LONG night and finally both girls ended up sleeping with me.  But we still got up and miraculously got ready for church.

Tonight our Sunday School class had a Super Bowl party.  We always have one and it's one of my favorite things.  We have childcare at the church and go to one family's home.  The guys all congregate in the living room and watch the game and the girls all hang out in a different room and visit and we eat a ton of food.  All my friends could care less about the game - it's way more fun to laugh and eat.  We sat outside by a fire for most of the night. It was FREEZING but we had so much fun.  I'm SO thankful for my group of friends. I'm a lucky, lucky girl to be surrounded by such Godly and fun girls! 

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