Thursday, January 03, 2013

Just some housekeeping......

Just to prove they don't always match. ha! 

My girls really don't match at least half the time but I tend to take more pictures when they do. :-) And yes - Hollis ALWAYS has a cup in her hand. It's like her security blanket. She even sleeps with one. Good luck getting it out of her hand.  I've just accepted it will be in most pictures I take of them this age.

Okay - 
Just a little announcement today.  Last week we did the monogram swap and I don't know if that worked for anyone but I hope it did.  A friend suggested that this Friday we do a Smocking Swap. (I get that probably half of you aren't smocking fans .........but you can just skip to the next week.) :-)

I'm sorry I'm giving you a short notice.  But if you have any smocking you would like to sell - you can link up a blog post with what you have? Or link to a FB album? I don't think just leaving a comment will work because people will want pictures. Unless you can put the picture in the comments. 

Anyway - we will try it and see how it works.

And hopefully this week I will get a list out of SUYL topics for this winter/spring. I'm taking suggestions so if you have any - leave them in the comments. Or on my FB page:

Happy Thursday!

If you aren't watching Passion - I'm just reminding you - my very very favorite of all time David Crowder led music this morning in a bluegrass way and it was AWESOME!!!! Watch session Five. It's only up until tomorrow so go now!

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