Monday, January 14, 2013

Hearts and Hair clips

 So I loved our Christmas card tree so much I have decided to keep it up for a while.  It's full of pictures of people we love and the girls love looking at it.  I figure everyone went to so much trouble to take the pictures and get cards to made - I want to treasure them.  So many of you have said you keep the cards in a bowl and pick one each night to pray over that family. LOVE THAT! Seeing my friends this way - reminds me to pray for them.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and spent about $5 on half price Valentine goodies and got a few burlap hearts and some hearts for the topper. 

I'm using the red chevron from our other Christmas tree.  I figured I could switch it out for the green chevron and maybe a couple of cheap things for St. Patricks and then bunnies and chicks or Crosses for Easter and then flags for 4th of July? Or maybe I will get tired of it taking up room and put it up.  We will see! :-)
Last week the girls accidently looked like Valentines one day so I took their picture by the tree! 
 We got new outfits from our grandmas for Harper's birthday this weekend so we tried them out today.  I don't know what happened but all the sudden this morning Hollis looked so old to me.  She looked more like a little girl than a toddler. 
Harper cracks us up. She is SUCH a daddy's girl.  She is so so so girly but she also likes to "watch football like daddy".  Bruised knees and all.  She can throw a football like a heisman winner too.  

So here is something fun..............You know the PRECIOUS little princess clippies I gave as party favors for Harper's party? We had a little mix up and I somehow ended up with twice the amount I needed.  Because Polkadotposies not only has great bows cheap but amazing customer service.

SO I have 3 sets of 5 princess clippies I'm going to give away! 1 set to 3 lucky winners.  You get Snow White, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty.  They will make your little girl(s) so excited or make a great gift!!!!  Enter below!

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