Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's been a weekend full of sadness.  I feel like it's been a year full of sadness. 
We wonder why so many terrible things happen.
We wonder where is the hope? When will it be our turn? Or maybe you have already more of your share of turns this year. 

I thought this was good by Max Lucado:

We are entering the week where Jesus came to this earth to live among us.  He came to share our sorrow and pain. And though He is in heaven now - He still sits on the right hand of God INTERCEDING for us. 

He is a light and a hope for us in all of our struggles.

 Here are my sweet girls Friday morning before school.  It's hard to believe there are parents in CT who might have paused to take pictures of their kids before school that day never imagining it was the last day to see them.  Praying for those mothers and fathers who are aching for one more day.  I've been reminded SO much this year that life is SO short and to live each day to the fullest and I am NOT ashamed to share Christ with you because I don't want any of you to go another day with out Him. 

 So thankful for this happy little almost 4 year old and her ginger bread house she made. 

We had NOTHING planned this weekend for once and decided we wanted to spend time together as a family.  I'm so glad we already had that planned.  We played and had fun.  A sweet blog reader who has an adopted daughter from China who is now 9 - wanted to send Harper her Mulan outfit that she had outgrown and a fan! :-)  It came on Saturday and we had so much fun! She also sent Hollis a little Chinese silk.  (How adorable is her little buddha belly in it?) 

Harper was THRILLEd and doesn't she look cute? 
I love that princesses come in all colors and sizes.  
 I thought it would be fun to try and go to a movie.  We went during Hollis' nap time. I thought she might settle in on my lap and sit still and maybe sleep.  BIG NO.  We weren't even in the first preview and she was wiggling and screaming so she and I left and Daddy and Harper stayed and enjoyed the movie.  
"This is just a season" is a mantra at our house. ;-)
A blogger, Jill, who is friends with a few girls here came for a visit and we couldn't work out a meeting so she and these fun girls were out looking at lights and came by to see me.  They wouldn't come inside because it was 10:00 so we stood outside and talked for an hour. I was in my Pj's.  I felt like a high school girl going outside to meet my friends at night. ha! It was really fun.  (I look SO tired in this picture).

I took a few pics of the girls in their Christmas dresses before church today.  Hollis always has a baby or a purse in her hand.  She is getting so big.

Praying you treasure your family a little more today.
I know I do. 

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