Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

Are y'all ready for christmas???? I'm getting there. I haven't wrapped a single present but they are all bought.  We aren't doing a lot this year.  We are more time than "treasure" people.  It keeps a lot of stress off.  I'm just thankful for the gift of my people. 

Yesterday our women's ministry gave us a free Mother's Day Out which is a huge blessing.  Since I didn't need to shop - I used mine to clean house and do laundry.  Exciting stuff.  But it's so much easier to clean house without two little elves going behind me "un-cleaning".  It was beautiful yesterday - in the 60's so after I picked the girls up we took a long walk on a trail in town.  Hollis fell asleep and Harper was having fun so we walked up to our town square and just walked all around.  It was a nice afternoon with my girls.

Last night I was cooking dinner.  I had cooked chicken in a pan on the stove top and then put in the oven to finish cooking. I had taken it out and put it on the stove top when it was done and then forgot and went and grabbed the handle that had been in a HOT oven.  It hurt SOOOOOOOO bad. I told Scott it was worse than childbirth.  I turned to twitter for help and started putting everything anyone suggested on it.  I tried yellow mustard, butter, baking soda and water paste and aloe vera.  My sweet friend Maegan was texting me a bunch of helpful things.  I finally just got a frozen water bottle and held it the rest of the night and even in my sleep and at some point in the middle of the night it quit hurting and it's fine today - I just have some lovely blisters on all my fingers.

I burnt my arm on the same pan handle last year.  See the mark it left me? It has faded mostly now but I don't know why I am constantly burning myself.  I'm just always so distracted by 1000 things going on at once.  Multi tasking is not always a gift.  I blame it on old age and small children all at once. :-) And no sleep.

Today is our last day of "school" for three weeks and I'm excited to celebrate Christmas with my little princesses and spend time with family and get some rest.  This time of year is so fun but so hectic so I always love for January to come because it is a slow month.  Except for the fact that this little girl is turning four in a few weeks. I have been planning her party and it's going to be SO fun. I can't believe she is almost four.

Hope your week is going great as we celebrate the birth of Christ!!!!

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