Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome to my Show Us Your Life Friday Christmas Tour of Homes! I LOVE looking at all the  beautiful Christmas decorations and love how each home is so different! I hope you will tour and enjoy all the amazing ideas! This is not about "showing off" but about SHARING the season with each other. 

1. PLEASE be sure and link to the actual post and not your blog.
2. I'm not at my computer a lot so I can't always fix links that aren't right. 
3. This is for homes of ALLLLLLL sizes!!!!! I'd love to see small apartments as well as big homes and it would be fun if college girls linked their dorm rooms. And International homes. Let's make it interesting. No home is too small or too big! 
4. ENJOY!!! And leave comments for each other! 

Come on in! I'd love to offer you some diet coke or maybe hot chocolate while we take our tour. 

I have a few fun things in our kitchen.  I love the glittery presents in the corner and the Santa plates. 

I have a ton of Southern Living Christmas cookbooks.  I usually put one on display.   

Apothecary jars are my favorite

My favorite thing I have out for Christmas is this Christmas Card tree.  I got the idea a couple of years ago from Boomama.  I used to keep all those beautiful cards we got in a bowl.  I love this so much more.  I had an extra tree so now I tie all the cards on here. My girls LOVE to walk around and look at the cards and so do I.  I'd love to keep this up year round. 
 I added some burlap accents to the tree. I just adore it!

This is a side table in my living room.  I found the big burlap S ornament at a craft fair this fall. 

I put wreaths on our office doors. 

I found this cute "Joy to the World" ornament at Wal-Mart. 
 I have a few Christmas decorations in our TV cabinet.

 Our mantel

I bought our stockings when we were first married.  I bought five - one for our dog and two extra - hoping that one day we would have two children to fill them.  We struggled to have kids for a few years so every year I would hang the two extra stockings and pray that one day they would have names on them. 

 So thankful to have sweet names on those stockings now.  I still love these stockings SO much - nine years later. 

 Our big tree in our living room is gold and brown and has a lot of fleur de lis ornaments. 
 It also has a lot of "H" ornaments for Harper and Hollis 

 Our whimsical green and red tree is in our dining room.  This is my favorite. I love all the fun colors.   I got the red and green chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby and just draped it for a tree skirt. 
 I made these ornaments a couple of years ago with all of our initials. They are so easy to make - here's the instructions if you want! 
 I love the zebra and my Arkansas chevron burlap ornament

A view of our living room.  Have to include Dawson somehow. 

 Harper's pink and green tree to match her room. 
Hollis' room to match her room.

My little Christmas elves and I are glad you came to visit! I hope you will come back! 

NOW - go tour all the other amazing homes!

I'm also linking up on The Nester tour of homes

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