Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 We spent our thanksgiving at Scott's parents in south AR.  We had such a nice visit. 

The girls in their turkey dresses ready to eat some turkey.

We had lunch with Scott's family and just a couple of his relatives.  We had too much food - it was wonderful. Scott's mom made so much good food! 

It was a wonderful fall day so we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside. 
 This girl just steals my heart.  Notice she has on jewelry in pretty much every picture.  She's such a girly girl.  She also loves to do anything her big sister does. 
 Thursday night several other relatives came over to eat dinner with us.  Scott is an only child and he grew up with his cousin Stephen who is also an only child and he has one daughter, Ashlyn, who is six.  Up until now - she and Harper have not really "played" together but they hit it off on Thursday night and had a blast playing.  I get so tickled watching Harper play with a friend.  It blesses me to see her having fun.

One of my blog/twitter friends is a girl who grew up in the same hometown as Scott but now she lives in Brooklyn.  Her life is so interesting to me and she is just SO sweet.  She recently had a precious little boy and so when I found out we would both be there at the same time - I asked if I could just meet her for a few minutes! Susy and I met up at McDonalds and visited for a while and I had such a good time. She is just so cute and sweet. She used to work for Martha Stewart - how neat is that?

Harper's new BFF Ashlyn came over and spent most of the day with us on Friday.  She and Harper just had a ball.  I wish we lived closer - they would love to play together more.  Hollis tried to keep up.
 The hogs played LSU on Friday which is always the biggest game of the year (except this year when it really didn't mean much but it turned out to be a good game anyway) so I dressed the girls and I in red to show our spirit.  I wanted a picture since we matched in our red and chevron but the girls were too nervous about the game to pose.  We start young with our game day nerves. :-)

(My shirt is from and my necklace is from )

 I love this picture of Harper and her cousin.  We ended our day eating catfish from the Flying Burger which is a great place to eat if you ever find yourself in Magnolia, AR.  (Clearly the diet begins tomorrow).

Saturday Scott and his dad left the house around 3:30 to hunt and once us girls got ready for the day we took lunch up to the deer camp to eat with them and spend a little time.  The girls had a hat party with their Pap-pa.

Harper wanted to ride on the Mule so Scott took our little family on a ride and we toured all the deer woods and saw all of their deer stands.  We had such a good time on our little ride.  I took this picture while we were somewhere in the woods.  We didn't see any bambis.
We left early this morning to head home.  It's a six hour trip and of course Hollis didn't fall asleep until we were 15 minutes from home.  It wouldn't be a good road trip without a stop at Pizza Hut for lunch.  The vending machine held nothing but Disney Princess rings so the girls struck it gold.  I had flashbacks to my childhood when we would eat at Pizza Hut and I would beg for quarters to play songs on the jukebox or play video games.  Remember that game with the band Journey?

We made it home. Our bags are unpacked. The laundry is almost done. The girls are bathed and in bed and Scott and I are winding down.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We feel so blessed.

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