Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Let's Make A Difference

Looking for a fun way to give more as a family, without spending more? I want to tell you more about how Pure Charity works. 

Pure Charity asked if I would buy gifts for the people in my life {and my readers!} to show you how your generosity can grow through your normal gift giving. Some of you will get these gifts! And then I hope you will help us work together to fund the projects I'm passionate about with your buying this holiday season. 

Click the button to sign up of for your free Pure Charity account and start making a difference.

Pure Charity

{click the button to sign up!}

So let me tell you what I got and how this works!

Y'all know how much I'm OBSESSED with the Naked Palette eyeshadows from Urban Decay.  I bought two of these from Sephora

Would you like one????  Keep reading!

Then I hopped over to and I bought all of these toys. 

But not for my girls.........these are going to my church's Christmas Store - needy families in our areas can come shop for free for new toys for their kids.

Who doesn't love Pottery Barn? They are a partner and I bought two of these gorgeous monogrammed bowls.  One will be a gift for someone I love and ONE is going to go to one of you!!!

Keep Reading! 

and finally I went to West Elm.

I got a cake stand that is going to someone I love and this AMAZING flower pillow. 
Do you like the pillow? 
Keep reading.

So basically - you go to Pure Charity and sign up. 
Follow this link.

After that - you just need to do a few extra steps - this post by Jen Hatmaker outlines it all very clear! 

You add in the browser plug in - and as you can see above - the button will pop up on all participating sites and show you how much you will get to put in your giving fund! 

So I bought gifts to give: (gives 3.5%) : Spent $100    Giving Fund:  $3.50
Buy.Com (gives 2.5%): Spent $115    Giving Fund: $2.87
Pottery Barn (gives 3%): Spent $180   Giving Fund: $5.40
West Elm (gives 3%):  Spent $103   Giving Fund  $3.09
(note - it takes 5-10 days to get rewards in your giving fund after your purchase)

So $14.86 is going to a project. 
That might not sound like a ton - but imagine if 1000 of us had $14.86 to put towards something......

We could do something awesome! 

And that's money that you didn't have to budget for. The companies you normally shop donate the funds and you get to decide where the money goes, like the project and charities I care about. 

Join me in making a difference. Sign up for a Pure Charity account. 
These are the three projects I'd like us to back - you can pick any of the below to help with your giving fund.
Once you've signed up and activated your free account, select which project you'll back with me.

I'll be giving updates as we fund projects. 

I think we can do more than just these three. But I think we can for sure do these THREE!!!

So here is the fun stuff...................

to win either
1. One of the two Naked Palettes
2. The monogrammed bowl from Pottery Barn
3. The floral pillow

Leave a comment and let me know you have signed up (I will confirm winners are advocates)!!!! And which you would like to win. I will draw the winners next Monday!!!

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